Luxury Market is as Hot as the Weather in Phoenix August 2023

Luxury Market is as Hot as the Weather in Phoenix August 2023

Scorching Hot Luxury Market

"Until the volume of properties available for sale increases substantially, back to traditional norms recorded pre-Covid, it is unlikely that the luxury market will transition into a true buyer’s market anytime soon." And we are definately seeing that in Metro Phoenix. Download this copy of the Luxury Housing Market Report. Or drill down to this Paradise Valley, Scottsdale and Phoenix Housing Market Report.


It's BACK: Mortgage Interest Rate Deduction

Something our children and other homebuyers over the last decade may have never considered is very applicable today: the Mortgage Interest Rate Deduction. With interest rates back to a more "normalized" rate, it can pay to itemize. Wait, What? Watch this month's housing market update  2+1/2 minute video, and always speak to your tax professional. 



You can't foreclose on a home with no mortgage, and with nearly 70% of homeowners having 50% to 100% equity in their homes, they are not going to foreclose. According to the Wall Street Journal, U.S. Home Equity has reached the highest level on record.

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