NAR 2023 Survey

NAR 2023 Survey

A Real Estate professional was used 89% in all home sales last year; Less than 1 % of home sellers used an online “i-Buyer” type service; and 7% of home sales were “For-Sale-By-Owner” (FSBO), with over half of those being friends, family or acquaintances of the home seller.

Those are some of the results of the 2023 Survey of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). The Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers report has been the leading industry source of statistics and consumer insights for over four decades.

The survey covers information on demographics, housing characteristics, and the experience of consumers in the housing market, as well as for those who are not yet able to enter the market. Data is for a 12 month period between July and June.

For Full Report and Printable PDF Click here.

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